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Networking is essential

This intense activity has not been carried out in a solitary way, but rather has represented the opportunity for a continuous comparison and elaboration both at national and local level. It is no coincidence that CIAC is among the founders and main animators of "EuropAsilo", a national network for the right to asylum that since 2013 brings together some of the most active actors in the field of diffuse reception, with the intent to promote the approach through training and multi-level advocacy.
Ciac has made a decisive contribution to the creation of the Ioaccolgo network, which brings together about 50 associations throughout Italy that deal with various aspects of reception. 
We are also part of the Tavolo Nazionale Asilo, a reality formed by the most important social organizations that has the task of making concrete proposals for changes in the laws on asylum and migration.
Moreover, Ciac is also one of the founders of the Escapes laboratory, a multidisciplinary network of national importance of scholars who deal with various aspects of migration phenomena.
At a local level, Ciac coordinates the network "La civiltà dell'accoglienza" (The civilization of reception) which aims to strengthen the comparison and to establish a cohesive ethical network, with a strong ethical-value sharing and with the rejection of a speculative and merely managerial view of reception.

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Io Accolgo

Ciac has contributed in a decisive way to the formation of the national campaign IOACCOLGO, which brings together civil society organizations, institutions, unions and citizens who believe in a different reception.


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Ciac is part of and coordinates the Europasilo network: a group of reception realities that work for an evolution of the European law on asylum adequate to respond to the challenges posed by the changes caused by the dramatic evolution of international scenarios.


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The laboratory "Escapes. Laboratory of critical studies on forced migration" is configured as a place of research and discussion for a multidisciplinary network of national importance of scholars who deal in various capacities with migratory phenomena, and more specifically with those who are conventionally included in the category of forced migration (asylum seekers, refugees and other holders of protection, internally displaced persons, stateless persons and other persons forced to flee and abandon their territories of origin).


civiltà dell'accoglienza

Civiltà dell'accoglienza

Ciac coordinates the "Civilization of Welcoming" network. A network of Parma realities that provide integrated and widespread hospitality in the territory respecting and sharing some ideals. In addition to Ciac, the network includes: Caritas Parma and Fidenza, Cav, Comunità Betania, Di Mano in Mano, Istituto Buon Pastore, Pozzo di Sicar, San Giuseppe. 

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