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I see that when I extend my arms, the walls fall. Welcoming means building bridges, not walls. 

Don Andrea Gallo

The history of our association's reception began in the 1990s. Today, CIAC is the managing body of three SIPROIMI projects (Protection System for Persons with International Protection Rights and Unaccompanied Foreign Minors): Terra D'Asilo, Terra D'Asilo Disagio Mentale e Disabilità of the Municipality of Fidenza and Una Città Per l'Asilo of the Municipality of Parma. Ciac, in a network with the Associations of the Civilization of Hospitality, manages 224 places of widespread reception in small apartments in the districts of Parma, Fidenza and South-East in close collaboration with the network of the Comun, AUSL and local authorities.
The reception in small apartments spread throughout the territory, to promote integration with the community through the involvement of volunteers, tutors for integration, and families.

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The relationships between hosts within our projects is based on cultural and linguistic mediation. This is carried out by our professionals with years of experience and the involvement of others in the same sector who, in most cases, come from the same country as the migrants they work with, which facilitates a direct dialogue.

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Legal battle

From the initial request for international protection from local Commission experts to the process of converting residence permits, formalizing citizenship, reuniting family and even the inclusion of records and access to social services. These are the aspirations our legal team, across a network of help desks, interact directly with migrant citizens to achieve.

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Healtcare battle

To register for national health services, choose a general physician doctor, oriented and affiliated with health services, access to therapy and to specialized medicine, who promotes multidimensional cultural health. Over the years, CIAC has developed important partnerships with AUSL within the scope of health, mental distress and prevention, giving life to CISS -- Interdisciplinary Coordination of Healthcare Associates -- and to a critical partnership with the Women’s Health Space.

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The economic autonomy of hosts who welcome migrants as part of our reception program are at the center of our work. Through training and job placement in local territories we work towards the full autonomy of people. The association organizes Italian courses of various levels, whether in person or at a distance, soft skills training, and work orientations. 


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The first SPRAR project in the territory, it was born in 2004 with the Municipality of Fidenza and provides for the reception of 99 migrants, men, women and single parents in the districts of Fidenza and South East.


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Since 2014, Ciac has managed the project of the National System of Protection for Asylum Seekers and Refugees of the City of Parma, in a network with various associations in the area.  The project has a capacity of 120 places



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