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If you have the right to divide the world into Italians and foreigners then I claim the right to divide the world into dispossessed and oppressed on the one hand, privileged and oppressors on the other. Some are my homeland, the others my foreigners.”  ”

Don Lorenzo Milani
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Post truth, populism, fake news, hate speech. All these expressions have a common concept that feeds them: immigration. Someone blows on fear thus creating a reality that does not coincide with the real one. This is why one of our primary commitments is to explain, tell and make people understand. Starting from people’s stories, deepening the issues and telling who we are, what we do and what we believe in.
We do this through direct communication to the media of our city, to national and international ones. We do this by organizing street demonstrations, but also activities with schools. We do this by experimenting with new forms of communication such as the web doc or the Atlas of dinner time. We do this, above all, by trying to involve migrant citizens, starting with them and working with them.

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Rights. Citizenship. Immigration. Asylum. Countries of origin. Europe. Integration. Racism and anti-racism. Wars and pacifism.
Important themes for the citizens of today and tomorrow, which can be found out, deepened and experienced through participatory and interactive tools, addressed to groups of children, teenagers or adults.


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