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Born in January 2016 thanks to the solidarity of an association that left us an apartment on loan for free use. Tandem is a project of intercultural co-housing between young Italians and young protection holders leaving the SIPROIMI reception path, born with the idea that from the sharing of everyday life children can find strategies to overcome together the precariousness and daily difficulties common to young students and workers experiencing forms of mutual support and autonomy. Tandem not only offers a co-housing experience, it is in fact a community and civic engagement workshop: those who join the project are asked to participate in active citizenship and voluntary activities organized by CIAC in network with other associations of the territories (as for example the experience MIGRANTOUR).
The project was financed for the two-year period 2018-2020 by the Otto Per Mille Fund of the Ministry of the Interior.

From the beginning (2016) to today (2019) 35 young people participated, of which 22 refugees/ foreigners with other pds and 13 Italians, all finished the project having achieved economic autonomy and housing. This was also possible thanks to the solidarity of the city, 2 of the 3 apartments of Tandem in fact were made available through a free loan from a religious association and a private town.
Who can participate: the project is aimed at young Italians and foreigners regularly staying between the ages of 19 and 30 years who wish to have an experience of intercultural coexistence and service.
The project lasts one year and involves:
  • Participation in the costs of managing the apartment and sharing moments of conviviality;
  • Participation in awareness-raising activities in schools, in voluntary associations... Activities are planned with CIAC;
  • Monitoring and mediation to coexistence;
  • Citizenship workshops.
How to participate:
The coexistence and co-management of everyday spaces are opportunities to experiment with new forms of coexistence and autonomy in a multicultural context where Italian children and refugees are called to participate on an equal footing. Sometimes difficulties can arise and not always the expectations and needs correspond, so coexistence cannot be improvised. If you are interested, or just curious about the project, fill out this short online form and you will be contacted by CIAC operators without obligation. 
If after an initial interview, you confirm your willingness to participate in the project, it will open a path of deepening and mutual knowledge.
Your availability can be offered at any time, there is no deadline.

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